Drivers CPC – HGV, PSV, PCV

To gain your HGV, PSV, PVC qualification you must acquire 35hrs of class attendance. Courses run weekly in 3.5hr / 7hr sessions with a large array of topics covered.

Drivers CPC – HGV, PSV, PCV - Details

What must a driver do?

Each DQC is valid for five years from the date of issue. This means that – unlike the 2014 deadline set when Driver CPC was introduced – each driver’s renewal date is unique to them.

All drivers must undertake 35 hours’ periodic training before the end of the five years following the issue date on their DQC. If the training is not undertaken during that time, they will not be permitted to drive professionally until they have completed their 35 hours.

The best way to ensure that a DQC doesn’t lapse is to carry out at least one day’s mandatory periodic training every year.

The consequences

If a driver is caught driving commercially without their Driver Qualification Card:

  • Both driver and operator face fines of up to £1000
  • Driver suspended from driving commercially until training is completed
  • Possible reduction in driving workforce, and operations adversely affected
  • If operations are affected, your reputation with customers could be damaged
  • If convicted, operator’s OCRS rating will drop to red
  • Likely increase in insurance premiums


Who is this for?

This course is for all HGV,PSV,PCV drivers.

Topics covered
  • Driver hours & tachographs
  • Driver wellbeing
  • Rules of the road
  • Health & safety at work
  • First aid awareness
  • Fire safety awareness
  • Passenger care
  • Disability awareness
  • Walk around checks & inspections
  • And many more…


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