Operator Licence Compliance Audits

Comprehensive Operator Licence Audits, carried out on customer premises throughout Northern Ireland. Identify shortfalls within the operating centres systems.

Operator Licence Compliance Audits - Details

Who is this for?

We Carry out Operating licence audits throughout Northern Ireland, at customer premises. Performing impartial DVA style audits, covering all areas of operating licence compliance-
vehicle maintenance, Driver hours, WTD, Transport Management, Data Analysis, policies & procedures, Licensing, driver infringement and driver training.

Highlighting all areas of concern, needing improvement and advise on rectification procedures.

This Audit can be used within the company as a full operating licence health check, preparation for Public Inquiry or as evidence for granting a full licence after an interim period.

If you have been called to public enquiry it is vital you engage us as soon as possible.

We travel throughout Northern Ireland and the UK.

For further information, please contact us via phone or email to discuss your personal business needs.


Topics covered

Our audits cover all aspects of transport and logistics to ensure that we provide an audit which will adapt to the requirements of you as an operator, and give you an expert in the industry without having to pay an in house member of staff.

At the audit we identify areas for improvement and give you all the information required to resolve the issues raised.

The audits cover the following and more…

Vehicle Maintenance Systems & Procedures – check your systems including driver walk round checks, defect reporting, brake testing, maintenance records, vehicles standards and ensuring all are in line with the DVSA Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness.

Records Checks – Check all insurances are up to date and valid, driving licence checks for drivers, tachograph records are up to date and correct and that all infringements are dealt with correctly.

Training & Employment – Check all qualifications, applications and employment contracts are up to date and compliant.

DGSA/Health and Safety – Check Risk Assessments and policies relating to health and safety and dangerous goods.

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