Harness Safety Training

Harness Training for working at height, novice & refresher. All courses are AITT Accredited, industry recognised throughout UK Contact us for more information.

Harness Safety Training - Details

Harness safety Training & certification. If you operate machinery such as MEWPS, Scissor lifts & raised areas, you need to hold a harness training certificate. This course can be delivered individually, but is included with any Working at height machinery training course we deliver.

All our training is AITT Accredited for industry recognition.

Novice, Experienced and Refresher training available.

Who is this for?

Does your team know how to use a harness correctly? Would they be able to spot a faulty one?
On our Inspection and Safe Use of Harness training course, you’ll get all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need about safety harness use.

What is a Safety Harness?
A safety harness is a pretty simple piece of equipment. There are many different models and variations in style, but in its simplest form, a safety harness is a system of restraints designed to prevent the user from falling from a height. Safety harnesses also greatly reduce the risk of injury if they were to fall from height.

Once the user is wearing the harness they attach it to a solid, stationary object. Should they fall for whatever reason, the harness and the fall protection system will prevent them from contacting the ground.

Why Should I Be Using a Safety Harness?

When used correctly, your fall protection system (your safety harness is part of that) will prevent injuries and ultimately, save lives. Working from height is one of the most dangerous aspects of industrial work and, sadly, claims lives every single year. Safety harnesses, when combined with sufficient working at height practice, reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring.

Correctly fitted harnesses give workers the reassurance that they have taken all of the necessary precautions to protect themselves in a potentially dangerous work situation. They’ll be able to freely use their hands and carry out the required tasks & feel safe doing so.

For organisations, it’s worth investing in working at height and safety harness use training. By training your staff in how to use safety harnesses and work at height, you’re less likely to deal with compensation, injured workers on sick leave, or disruption to your project.

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